We advise clients by telephone, by email, by letter and (if it suits them) in our offices or theirs.


Some of our Current and Recent Clients

Education: Schools

  • Academy Conversion: A maintained church school converting into an academy
  • A cluster of maintained schools seeking an agreement for closer co-operation
  • A foundation school with a staffing problem (employment law)
  • An independent school seeking advice becoming a Free School or Academy

Education: Parents and Students

  • A student appealing against expulsion from her University
  • A child refused admission despite a Statement of SEN naming the school
  • A mother seeking a new school for her Statemented daughter
  • A couple whose child was expelled from his independent school
  • A student who was refused admission to his chosen University

Local Councils

  • A Parish Council claiming ownership of a staithe or landing-place
  • Two separate Parish Councils claiming ownership of their village ponds
  • A Parish Council having severe problems with two allotment tenants
  • A Town Council claiming 1974 User Rights inside a District's Town Hall
  • A Parish Council seeking to build a new Village Hall through a new Charitable Trust
  • Daily advice to members of the Society of Local Council Clerks


  • A hotel owner objecting to a bus stop lay-by being built on his forecourt
  • A farmer seeking to prevent an adjacent business from using his roadway
  • A Town Council seeking closure of a road over the village green
  • A Parish Council selling land allotted in 1809 to the Surveyor of Highways

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