We advise clients by telephone and by email, by letter and (if it suits them) at our office here in Norfolk.

Legal Advice for Highways Authorities

The first task Nicholas Hancox had, as a young trainee solicitor with Andover Borough Council in 1972, was to draft a 'Section 40 Agreement' under the Highways Act 1959. The 1959 Act has gone now, but Section 38 Agreements under the Highways Act 1980 are much the same and we have done lots of those, too.

As well as advising on a good number of major new highway schemes, Nicholas Hancox has advised authorities about highways which run across common land, highway drainage schemes, traffic orders, the widening of highways and environmental road-improvement schemes.

Our expertise in the law of highways is available to all local authorities. You can either just email a question to us at enquiries@nicholashancox.co.uk or instruct this firm to act on your behalf.

If you are thinking of instructing Counsel on a highways dispute or advice matter, you might want to consider instead instructing Nicholas Hancox. His expertise is reflected in his being the General Editor of Halsbury's Laws of England (Highways Volume) and having thirty years of practical experience as a solicitor advising local highway authorities.