Voluntary First Registration of Council Land

Is your Parish Council's Land fully registered at the Land Registry, or are you relying on packets of old Deeds mouldering in your safe? Voluntary First Registration is an easy and inexpensive way of recording your Council's land-holdings permanently and on a system which is readily accessible to your Clerk, to your Councillors - and to your parishioners.

Cemeteries, commons, allotments, offices, parks and odd bits of grass that you acquired under a section 106 agreement are all registrable now. All you have to do is dig out the Deeds and check that they actually prove your Council's ownership. Then there is a (slightly technical) form to fill in and a small fee to pay to the Land Registry.

All land will have to be Registered Land, eventually, but for now, registration of land is only compulsory, when you newly acquire it.

Voluntary First Registration of your Council's land and buildings is well worth doing.