"The advice and guidance which you have rendered to [my] Council over a long period has been invaluable in the extreme and has enabled us to react with confidence when the [party with whom we were in dispute] was on its many sabre rattling manouevres."
- A Town Clerk

"The Parish Council have asked me to thank you on their behalf for all your work in seeing this case to a successful conclusion. And I would like to add my own personal thanks for all your patience and help over what has been a very difficult and challenging time for me; it has been very much appreciated"
- A Parish Council Clerk at the end of a very wearing allotments eviction

Back in 2012, Nicholas Hancox celebrated 40 years of fun, working in and for the local government service.

Click here to read his light-hearted Reminiscence called "Forty Years of Fun".


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Our clients come from far and wide:

For example, we have current or recent clients in Cheshire, Gloucestershire, Kent, Leicestershire, Shropshire, Somerset and Warwickshire - and in London, Coventry and Cambridge - and, of course, nearby in Norfolk and Suffolk.

We advise clients by telephone, by email, by letter and (if it suits them) in our offices or theirs.

The First Tier of Local Government

Nicholas Hancox has worked in local government law for 45 years and Debbie Ashton has been the National Legal Advisor of the Society of Local Council Clerks (SLCC) since 2009. We are both proud to have edited The Clerks' Manual, which is a loose-leaf book published (most recently in 2013) by the SLCC.

Here are some examples of the subjects on which our firm has advised Parish and Town Council clients:

Highways Footpaths Village Greens
Commons Allotments Cemeteries
Burials Recreation Grounds Local Charities
Staithes Leisure Centres Contracts
Employment Law Clerks Staffing
Dispute Resolution Council Members Ethical Standards
Compulsory Purchase Community Governance changes (LG&PIH Act) Bus Shelters
Property Development Markets Boundary Disputes
Village Halls Audit Problems Car Parking
User Rights accruing to Town Councils from the 1974 re-organisation

If you would like to have copies of our printed brochure for Local Councils, please ask.