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The Role of the Parish Clerk

The clerk of a parish or town council occupies a fascinating and sometimes difficult role. The clerk works for the whole council and yet reports most often to the chairman. If the chairman retires or resigns, the clerk must work immediately with the next chairman, so it is useful - in local councils as in life - for the clerk and the councillors to try and maintain good, professional relationships with each other.

Nicholas Hancox Solicitors is a firm with considerable experience of local councils. We have often advised parish chairmen and town mayors, when disciplinary proceedings have become necessary against their employed clerk. But we see the issues very clearly from both sides of the metaphorical fence - we have also often advised or defended individual clerks in disciplinary proceedings initiated by their councils.

Debbie Ashton is the National Legal Advisor for the Society of Local Council Clerks and in that role she looks after the interests of all SLCC members. We are careful, of course, to avoid conflicts of interest and we cannot act both for the clerk and for the council in the same dispute. In practice, that is not a problem, because we can, if necessary, recommend another firm to potential clients.

If you are unfortunately having a dispute, either as the clerk or on the part of the council - or as an individual member of a council - come to us. We are always ready to help.

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