School A was having problems with its Bursar and the LEA gave notice that the school's Early Years Foundation Stage funding must cease, because a complaint of disability discrimination had been made to the ("First-tier") SEN and Disability Tribunal . Nicholas Hancox reviewed the school's disability and inclusion policies and recommended new ones. Nick negotiated with the lawyer representing the Tribunal Complainant and the complaint was withdrawn when a suitable apology has ben agreed. Finally, Nick assisted the school in a successful appeal against the loss of LEA funding.

Mr X, an Independent School Teacher was arrested and charged with unlawful SI with a sixth-form girl. Nicholas Hancox advised the School on how to deal with the Press and with other parents. Nick also advised that this man could be dismissed from the staff immediately, without waiting for a trial in court.

School B needed to convince the Local Safeguarding Children Board that their child protection policies were up to date and in full compliance with the latest legislation. Nicholas Hancox drafted new policies and provided staff training to bring the school into line with what the LSCB wanted.

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