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"I absolutely like your style. Many, many thanks."
- Email from a pro bono client.

"You have truly been my rock. A huge thanks for everything, especially for keeping me sane.
- Extract from a note from a client, upon her retirement

"The advice and guidance which you have rendered to [my] Council over a long period has been invaluable in the extreme and has enabled us to react with confidence when the [party with whom we were in dispute] was on its many sabre rattling manouevres."
- A Town Clerk

"The letter is Excellent. Many thanks."
- An email from a satisfied client, commenting on a letter we sent to a person who was disputing our client's highways rights.

Practical legal advice from solicitors who specialise in education law, local government law and highways law.

Nicholas Hancox Solicitor

Nicholas Hancox Solicitor
is one of the editors of a seven-volume legal textbook, published by Lexis Nexis and called ‘The Law of Education”.

He qualified as a solicitor with Southampton City Council in 1977 and was once (in the mid-1990s) the Director of Legal Services with Norfolk County Council.

Nick founded this firm in 2003.

Debbie Ashton Solicitor

Debbie Ashton Solicitor
qualified in 2004 and specialises in local council law and education law.

Debbie is the National Legal Advisor for the Society of Local Council Clerks.



Admin Assistant
April 2018
We are delighted to have appointed Mrs Linda Dickeson as our admin assistant.

London Borough of Southwark v Transport for London
[2017] EWCA Civ 1220 - 4th August 2017

As all enthusiasts of highways law know, it was the venerable Lord Denning who first used the phrase "top two spits" (in 1954) to describe the property usually vested in a highway authority. Unless the authority has bought the land, on which perhaps to build a new highway, "the top two spits" is all that the highway authority usually owns. And that is (usually) all that they need.

Against that background, the Court of Appeal has issued its decision on a highways dispute between two London councils (Southwark and the City of London) on the one side and Transport for London on the other. In his written judgment, Lord Justice David Richards held that the highway property transferred to TfL from the two councils, after the highways in question were first designated as "GLA roads", contained only "the top two spits" of the roadways and it excluded both the subsoil below the tarmac and the London air high above it. Lord Justice McCombe and Lord Justice McFarlane both agreed completely with Lord Justice David Richards.

Muir v Wandsworth LBC
[2017] EWHC 1947 - 28th July 2017

In this High Court case, the Judge decided that leasing part of a common to a pre-school would be unlawful, because it would exclude access by members of the public. A pre-school is not a recreational public use of common land.

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